Alles Gute im neuen Jahr / Happy New Year 2023

These are some highlights of last year, 2022

January /あげましておめでとうございます

Delicious Japanese New Year’s Dishes / おせち料理

I especially like: 黒豆Black Beans: They are said to represent hard work. たたきごぼうPounded Burdock Root and it is said to represent strength and stability. 田作りTazukuri are candied anchovies. They symbolize a bountiful harvest. 

First Class in the New Year

February: テーブルマナー Hotel Granvia

Listening to the lecture about Table Manner
Serving delicious dishes

アミューズプーシュ(amuse-bouche hors d’oeuvre)
聖護院蕪のスープ(しょうごいんかぶら/Turnip soup)
高知県宿毛湾直送白身魚ののブイヤベース(white fish bouillabaisse)
牛フィレ肉のグリル 赤ワインソース(Grilled beef fillet with red wine sauce)
オレンジのヴァシュラン (Orange vacherin glace)


First time Vietnamese Food for some of our students
We loved it!


New School in Iharanosato, Izumisano-shi
Beside Nisshin Elementary School
Swiss President, Mr. Ignazio CASSIS, visit in Japan (here in Osaka)

May & June: Preparing for Eiken

Reading Comprehension
Irregular verbs
Break time with 先輩
Break time with 先輩&後輩


Making a video: “Studying Abroad”
Farewell party for Mirei / Who is the main person here?
Just like sisters! All the best in Canada!
Davos 2022 – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Debriefing organized by Swissnex in Osaka
Panelist Makiko Eda (Chief Representative Officer, WEF Japan)


One of our students working part-time playing with the children
And taught some English using the flash cards


Review for Eiken
Class room in Iharanosato
Preparing for Dokken (独検)-Deutsche Prüfung


One of the kids’ presentation: “This is my family”
This is my … / I have a …
That’s all, thank you!
Halloween! Don’t touch the spider, be careful!
Beautiful decorations! Thank you!


Hiking in Mt. Iwawaki / Kawachinagano ・breath-taking pampas grass /ススキ
Having fun with the Memory Game
One of our German students’ performance “舞踊会“ in Kobe / It was so beautiful! Danke schön!
Swiss Alumni Reception with our Swiss Parliamentarians organized by Swissnex
Pocky Day – 11/11
30th KIFA’s Anniversary International Event in Kawachinagano – おめでとうございます。㊗️
Dragon Dance, one of many great performances.


As a judge at YMCA International High School Speech Contest / Many great speeches!
Christmas Event in Kobe organized by Swiss Society of the Kansai 
Messages and presents from Santa
Christmas Event at Swiss Academy in Shinfukae School
Facial drawing from our special guest, Mr. Toshi
Everyone was so excited! Please showed me my face!
Thank you so much Mr. Toshi and Merry Christmas!
Christmas Event at Swiss Academy in Iharanosato, Izumisano shi. Thank you everyone for coming!